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Oil Separator Installation


United States, Cleveland, Ohio


Lindsay Concrete Products


Cleveland RTA constructed catch basins for runoff from their bus maintenance garage for the Westside bus garage. The oil separator catch basin was designed to skim off oil residue into a fiberglass tank for later cleanout. Designed to handle the maintenance of 200 buses, the project was in need of a sealant that can secure the joints and keep the runoff from leaking into the ground.


Since the runoff from the garage contains oil, a sealant that can maintain its properties when exposed to oil was needed, and for this CS-440 was used. In addition, CS-102 was used to seal and secure joints. The use of primer CS-50 and ConWrap CS-212 helped to insure a watertight installation.

Sealant Application:

  • Oil Separator

ConSeal Products Used:

Applicable Industry Standards:

  • ASTM C-990
  • ASTM 877 Type III